Getting your air conditioner installed is not the last thing that you need to worry about. For the device to run properly, regular maintenance is very important. At Aircon Bros, we ensure that after installing your system, we can continue to provide services in the form of maintenance to repair your air conditioner as and when needed. If there is any issue that you spot in your system, we urge you to schedule appointments with us right away so that it is taken care of at the earliest.

Our services at a glance:

  • Servicing of air conditioners
  • Replacement of damaged parts
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting
  • Air conditioner repairs
  • Electrical fault finding and repairs
  • Preventative maintenance

What we advice

  • Your air conditioner needs to be in the best possible form and regularly maintained in order to provide optimal cooling in the harsh weather of Australia. As soon as you notice an irregularity in your system, it is essential that you fix an appointment with our team of dedicated and professional technicians who would then take it up from there.
  • If our technicians do find some fault with the system, they would immediately start working on resolving the issue. They are equipped, trained and qualified enough to deal with all kinds of repairing necessities. Once they evaluate and identify the problem, they would offer an estimate of the costs involved in the repairs. Without an air conditioner, it is naturally very difficult to indulge in everyday activities. Our team ensures that the system is restored to normalcy as soon as possible.
  • In Perth, air conditioners require more maintenance because of their exposure to unfavourable weather conditions, wear and tear and shelf life of the systems. Any electrical equipment that is purchased is always an investment and we completely understand that. We would ensure efficient operation of your system.
  • Air conditioning repairs are not only important to keep the machine running efficiently, but also to keep yourself in the best of health. A lot of people suffer from asthma and allergies. If the air conditioner is regularly maintained, then allergy or asthma bouts can be prevented. Regular cleaning would also mean no built-up dirt or algae, thus keeping your system clean and healthy.

What we promise to do:

  1. On your approval, most of the repairs are carried out immediately and your air conditioner is back to normalcy thereafter.
  2. Service visits are scheduled as per your convenience.
  3. Our team of technicians arrive on time, without making you wait and worry.
  4. We have transparent service and repair rates; there are no hidden costs
  5. Our technicians are trained professionals who provide competent services.
  6. We tidy up our site of work all by ourselves.
  7. We help minimize the risk of breakdowns by keeping your unit well-maintained.

We have preventative maintenance services and commercial programs on all our equipments. Please feel free to call us and book your maintenance or repair appointment. You could also fill out our contact form for other information.