Give us a call and we will visit you to better understand your cooling requirements, so we can provide professional advice as well as design and install custom cooling solutions that suit both your home and your budget.


We have requisite spare parts of all major air conditioning brands, so if you need any repair or replacement of parts in your air conditioner, get in touch with us. We will send a representative for repairs or replacement.

Service and Maintenance

We provide regular servicing and maintenance of cooling solutions across all areas of Perth. Give us a call or sign up for an annual contract for servicing your air conditioners on a regular basis.

Our Products

We can supply all leading air conditioning brands; we also have custom designs for ductless air conditioners as well as split air conditioners.We provide cost effective and energy efficient cooling solutions. Our air conditioners can be customized for all kinds of living spaces – big or small, commercial or personal. Our customer service representatives will meet you to discuss and finalize your requirements.

Quality Service

We at Aircon Bros, pride ourselves on our customer service. For us, customer is king, and if you call or email, then our representative will be at your doorstep within 24 hours.

Our technicians are skilled, qualified and proficient in installation, service, repairs and maintenance. They will install and/or service your air conditioners with minimal disruption to your home or office space. Our aim is to provide hassle free installation, service, repairs and maintenance to all our customers.

If you have an annual maintenance contract with us, then you can rest easy. It is our responsibility to keep in touch with you and ensure that your air conditioners are serviced regularly. Our representatives will get in touch with you to schedule servicing at a time suitable to you.

Here’s why you need to regularly service your Air conditioners:

  • Check gas and coolant
  • Check compressor efficiency
  • Eliminate bacteria, toxic mould or fungi build-up
  • Clean air filters
  • In evaporated cooling systems, regular maintenance is a must to ensure that the water pump, fan motor and other belts are operating efficiently. The quality of water can cause corrosion of the equipment, if not cleaned regularly.