How do these air conditioners work?

Evaporative air conditioners pump water to wet the cooling pads and when the outside air blows through it, it gets cool and humid. The filter pads are meant to filter the air and keep it dirt free. This ensures that you get clean and cool air. It’s ideal to keep the cooling pads saturated wet because that way, the air blowing through it gets maximum exposure to the dampness.

Components of an evaporative air conditioner:

What makes an evaporative air conditioner what it is? The following are the functional parts:

  • Water sump. These are meant to store water that is required for the cooling mechanism. It’s ideal to keep this sump full so that the unit gets a continuous supply of water.
  • Water pump. This is a motorized pump to bring water from the sump into the unit.
  • Cooling pads/filter pads. These pads are wet and make the air cool and humid.
  • Control board. The control system for the whole unit.

What is the regular maintenance requirement for evaporative air conditioners?

Owing to the heavy investment involved in evaporative air conditioners, regular maintenance is very essential to keep its life long. At Aircon Bros, we provide a yearly maintenance service for our customers and newbies alike. Maintaining the air conditioners is vital when it comes to ensuring their effective running. Most air conditioning repairs in Perth are requirements based on seasonal maintenance.

Due to the warm summers and cold winters in Perth, evaporative air conditioners are not consistently used here. During the winter months, these units require our special maintenance drill like,

  • Disconnect power cords from the unit to ensure any shorting/power surge does not affect the unit. We suggest you use stabilizers to ensure the flow of current is consistent and not jarring to the unit.
  • Keep the water tank drained and empty. This will ensure that the water does not cause any organic build up due to stagnation.
  • The belt can also be removed from the motor so that it would not get frozen and give away in the cold winter.
  • Clean up the filter pad so that the dirt accumulated does not stain and clog the pores.
  • It is also ideal to keep the windows and vents closed. This will ensure that the heating system will be more effective for you in winter months.

What other possible repairs can I expect in here?

Repairs in air conditioning units could be based on the building condition; how the equipment was handled as well as the quality of the parts used in building the unit.

  • The motor belt gets damaged owing to wear and tear. This may mostly require a replacement.
  • The calcium build up in the tank as well as the plumbing lines require an acid wash.
  • The motor and its components may require an overhaul.

Aircon Bros is ideal for all your repair and maintenance needs. Do check us out for your next maintenance.